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Our History

It was in the year 1850 that Castle Street Congregational Church had its origin. The small band met for worship in the house of one of its members. After 4 years, there was a desire to erect a building. The Salvation Army Citadel was the building that was used and was called Zoar English Wesleyan Chapel 1854. In 1867, a revival spread over the town and Zoar became too small to accommodate those who wished to attend. A more central position was sought to erect a new Church with a seating capacity of over 900. The foundation stone was laid on 2nd December 1875. The cost of this beautiful building was £4000 and it was opened in April 1877 and was then known as Castle Street Congregational Church.


We meet every Sunday at 11am and 6pm You are very welcome to join us!

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